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The Best Kids Activity Books: Buying Guides and Recommendations

Tiffany Smith
  Sep 29, 2023 6:40 AM

Looking for the Best Kids Activity Books is a complicated and exhausting process as you have to go to every single product page to read the detailed specifications and reviews. Safe Start Center helps you collect them in one article with all information you need. Let's check it out and get the best one for you and your little one! 


I think most of us have decided not to let phones spoil our family fun time. So an interesting idea popped into my head that can help you enjoy that cuppa anytime, anywhere - The book works!

Well, it's probably not very exciting, but it might surprise you how many times kids can independently engage with simple activity books.

Here's our list of varied and straightforward activity books for preschoolers that can be your savings this holiday season and beyond. Buy some and let their imagination run wild as you relax a bit on the sofa.

Buying Guide


Entertainment is critical for children's activity books because if it's not engaging, it can look like a chore or turn into a vacuum cleaner. To find something to keep your kids busy, you'll want to find something that matches their hobbies and keeps them busy doing things they love. We recommend to you some examples.

  • Arts & Crafts: There's no shortage of activity books that have space to color, draw, and create, so if your child loves a craft, an art-centered activity book is a must. They will get them involved.

  • Puzzles & Games: Connect the dots, word search, crossword puzzles, hangman, and Sudoku are all games you usually find in activity books. This would be great for kids who enjoy playing with LEGOS and blocks as well as those who like a fun challenge.

  • Trivia, Riddles & Word Problems: Like activity books that focus on puzzles and games, this genre is a good choice for kids who enjoy problem-solving, whether it's math problems, letters/patterns, letter pictures, or even just the usual puzzles.

  • Writing Development: This can be anything from dotted letters and numbers for preschoolers to writing prompts for older children. If your kids love to stick pencils to paper, then a book that focuses on writing is sure to keep them entertained.

  • Math & Science: They don't have to go to school to work their STEM muscles. In fact, older kids may even enjoy themes in an activity book just because it's not in school. These types of books are perfect for educational purposes, but there is also a large section of children who love math and science and find absolute joy in them.

Suitable age

Just because the book says it's for a certain age group doesn't mean it's necessarily appropriate for your particular child. You should look through the pages or read some of the reviews to see if the content is below, equal to, or higher than the current age or your child's developmental stage.

Books filled with activities that are too difficult or too easy will probably not be used. Similarly, if the pictures in the book are too "baby" for your child, they won't want to use it.

Educational value

An activity book doesn't have to be educational for it to be a quality choice for your child (if a text is full of tic-tac-toe and maze elements and your child loves it, that's perfectly fine), but many of them tend to provide some educational value, whether that's the subtleties or the whole purpose of the book.

If your child is struggling with a topic, you may want to find activity books that have that common theme so your child can reinforce his skills in a fun and engaging way. Or, if your child only loves one subject, such as reading and writing, find an activity book that allows them to tap into that interest more in many ways. Basically, if the book has crucial educational value to you, you'll want to look for those options carefully.

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