Privacy Policy - Safe Start Center

We know that it is essential to transfer enough information about our policies to them regarding the website visitors.  

1. What information do we collect from you?

All review content on our website is freely available to readers; however, in some cases you need to provide some personal information to the website for some requirements related to the terms and conditions, helping us manage and maintain the website as well as protect your own rights.

The information you need to provide can be email address, gender, age, tracker….In addition, we also collect relevant information such as your browser type, operating system, date and time of access, areas of the sites visited, host or internet service provider (“ISP”) information, identification of the referring site, IP addresses, and so on. 

 2. Who is this information shared with?

We can assure you that all information will be served and only used for website protecting purpose. You may be wondering if we share your personal information to another third party, right? Do not worry because you can be assured of our system’s security. The system will completely ensure that your personal information will not be disclosed for other purposes. 

We consider our customers’ beliefs as our top priority; therefore, we will never cause any risks to their online activity. Safe Start Center is the healthiest and fastest sharing community for all users. 

3. Will your information be stored on our website forever?

It will depend on how our website benefits you in the long run. Once you still consider our site as a reliable site for your buying action, you can visit it every day to update the latest news as well as the updated reviews. Of course, the information you provide before is still served on our website, making it more convenient for you to access any content available on our website. 

For example, if you leave a comment on our website, it will be retained infinitely, and the following visitors can see your comments about the products to make their own decision. It is considered a friendly community where people can express their opinions about the products and help each other find the right one for their family. 

Our system can recognize if you are a frequent visitor or not. If you are, and then you will receive our latest notifications via email with the beneficial deals and the information regarding the forums for mom and baby. They sound very interesting and worth attending, right?

4. Our content will be limited to children under 13 years old.

One thing should be noticed that our website will limit the access of users under 13 years old for some safety reasons. Parents highly recommend controlling their children’s online activity to save a healthy environment for their growth. Content on our website is only suitable for adults. 

5. Contact the seller

Like we said before, we are the bridge to help the customers get closer to the products of different manufacturers. We are responsible for testing and reviewing the products, supplying you with the most objective reviews. Visiting our website, you can see comments from the previous buyers as well as our experts’ evaluations to make your final decision. 

If you want to get further and more detailed information with regard to the products, you are suggested to visit the seller’s official website. You can access more information regarding their returning policy in case you have any problem with their products.